"Incredible to think how much these two virtuosos can draw from these two instruments. What more do you need than cello and bass I ask myself"

– Bendt Viinholt Nielsen, music writer

"They really have their own sound and style"

– Esben Tange, editor at DR P2

"I am speechless. This is gorgeous music. People need to hear and see you play! Nobody in the US plays and writes music like this!"

– Nick Lloyd, master bass luthier


Depth is often associated with emotion, physicality also sincerity… The same could be said to describe LuLo, who have created a unique sound and repertoire playing the two lowest instruments of the string family.

The cello and double bass have a lot in common, and so does Kirstine Elise Pedersen and Mathæus Bech: They have both studied classical music and they both have a profound appreciation for Nordic folk music. It was here they first met, and it has come to play an integral role in their approach to music, which must both resonate with the masterfulness of classical music and groove with the vitality of folk music.

Their repertoire is mostly original with inspiration from both the classical word as well as folk music. A passion for the music of the often overlooked and underrated composer Rued Langgaard has also made its mark on the duo, as they have been working in-depth (pun intended) on realising his music for cello and bass.



Our debut album with interpretations and adaptations of Rued Langgaards music can be bought on our bandcamp


Mathæus Bech - mat.bech@gmail.com - (+45) 61668865